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solar and wind powered surveillance trailer

Scout Crime Prevention Platform

Infinite Protection has developed the Scout Technology line of equipment to give agencies, businesses, and organizations a force multiplier without costing an arm and a leg. The Scout Crime Prevention Platform uses solar, or wind powered cameras, sensors, and communication technologies to create a comprehensive crime prevention system.

In the past, surveillance cameras could capture the crime so an investigation could ensue. How about preventing the crime before it ever takes place? That is where The Scout surveillance trailer comes in! This unit utilizes the latest technologies to help prevent crime without the loss of property, profit or even life.

Live Video Surveillance

The Scout actively listens, monitors and scans for possible threats and an escalation in violence. From facial recognition to gunshot detection technology, The Scout will be your watchdog for any public or private event. There are several add-ons and upgrades to best fit your location and needs.

Upgrading to The Commander Scout or adding The Nano Scout will greatly extend your scanning range…so never miss a face or vehicle!

Business owners can protect their people, property, and profits by adding The Property Scout to help keep an eye on what goes on within their office, warehouse, or factory. You can even go to discreet surveillance with The Covert Scout!

mobile surveillance trailer with pole camera

Rapid Deployment

Ideal for rapid or temporary deployment, the platform can be set up in less than 15 minutes to provide a quick response to crime incidents. The Scout solar or wind powered platform eliminates energy costs and the need for additional wiring, making them more cost-effective than traditional surveillance systems.

The Scout platform is capable of remote monitoring and control via the built-in web enabled remote monitor system. Monitor Solar Voltage & Current, Battery Voltage & Current, Load Current, Temperature. Disconnect Load Power. Email Alerts and Manual/Automatic Reboot. There are 2 spare 10A relays, 1 spare current measuring channel and 2 spare voltage measuring channels for expansion. For instance, you could use one of the spare relay channels to automatically turn on a generator based on programmable rules.


Deter Crime

Scout Crime Prevention Platform can monitor and detect suspicious activity in real-time, while patrols can be used to provide a physical presence to deter crime. Additionally, analytics can be used to predict criminal behavior and alert authorities of potential threats. The platform would also include an AI-powered facial recognition system that can identify known criminals and alert the police when they enter the area. This will help law enforcement identify people who are wanted for crimes and make arrests swiftly.


Solar powered pole camera

Pole Surveillance

Fixed or pole mount solar options allow for the easy installation of surveillance cameras. Our fixed or pole mount solar solutions can be installed quickly without any configuration necessary. This makes the system flexible and able to respond to any situation or crime quickly.  

The platform also supports cellular and Wi-Fi video streaming services, allowing your or authorities to store video data securely and access it remotely whenever they need. By monitoring criminal activity in real time, this platform helps authorities more effectively reduce crime within the community.

Five Days Autonomy

Our Scouts supports up to five days of operation without requiring a solar, wind, or generator charge. To ensure five days of autonomy, our Scouts are designed to have the lowest power consumption and equipped with solar panels that are powerful enough to provide the necessary energy.   

Solar and wind powered surveillance trailer
IP camera solar powered force multiplier

Force Multiplier

By leveraging technology, the platform can monitor larger areas with fewer personnel. This reduces costs while still maintaining an effective level of security coverage. Additionally, analytics can be used to predict criminal behavior and alert authorities of potential threats, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently. The use of analytics also enables the platform to identify known criminals more accurately, reducing the risk of false alarms.  This makes the scout solar powered crime prevention platform an ideal solution for reducing criminal activity and keeping communities safe.

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What They’re Saying

After being part of a ransomware attack at my former company, I am well aware of the importance of having current and clean backups in case of a disaster like this malware! This team ensures you are covered if you are ever a victim of a cyber attack or system failure!

Clinton R.

Very Impressed with the Mobile Scout. The capability and level of security the scout offers is absolutely incredible! practical application use for law enforcement and in the private sector. Nice work!

Mike H

Infinite Protection had their Mobile Scout set up in our church parking lot. The technology and quality of the trailer was incredible.

Jim B.

I was looking to scale up my business and have the ability for more free time . To focus on what I need to and our partnership allowed me to do that.


Great customer service and support!!! I have been using their CRM for awhile now and love all the different features! Not to mention how easy everything is to use! If you are looking for a way to manage and grow your business you need their CRM!!!

Kristina W.

I recently participated in a lunch and learn and was very impressed with the presentation. The products that this company offers comes with a ton of value. I highly recommend them for all of your business solution needs.

alexander M.