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Safety Features

Active Shooter Alerting

Active shooter situations happen all too often in places such as schools, places of worship, warehouses, and places of work. It’s important to have safety measures in place as these tragedies escalate quickly before law enforcement can arrive. ​Gunshot detection technology is a critical safety measure, as it will provide an early warning system for your staff and the authorities.

When a gun is fired in range of a gunshot detector, a sensor will activate a relay to alert the scout monitoring system to trigger preset actions. These actions include triggering an intrusion system; alerting a mass notification system; triggering an access control system; enabling live and playback video streams to provide additional verification; or any other pre-programmed actions and responses.​

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is used to identify individuals and alerts authorities when an individual has been identified as being involved in criminal activity. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used to analyze video footage from the cameras and sensors, and alert authorities to any suspicious behavior or movements that indicate a potential crime is about to take place. This system can also be used for proactive policing by using predictive analytics to anticipate where and when crime may occur.

Create watch list(s) of people of interest entering a site or leaving a site. If a match is found, an alert can be sent to the video management system, emailed, or text messaged. The alert can include a video image that triggered the alarm and the reference image from the watch list, enabling operators to verify the match and act quickly.  

License Plate Recognition

Automatically read license plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation. The platform can also be integrated with access control systems, providing a layer of security that allows only authorized individuals to enter certain areas. This helps reduce the risk of criminal activity in those areas by ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. The platform can also be used to track vehicles entering and exiting an area, helping security operators quickly identify suspicious patterns or activities and act when necessary.


Create watch lists of vehicles of interest entering or leaving a site. Through license plate recognition technology, the platform can detect the presence of vehicles of interest and send alerts in real time. This allows for proactive policing by monitoring and quickly responding to suspicious activities. The platform can also be integrated with other systems, such as access control and alarm systems, providing an added layer of security to prevent crime.

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Man Down Detection

A man down detection alert system is a type of security technology designed to detect the presence of human beings in a particular area or location. This system typically uses a combination of sensors, cameras, and software to identify and track human activity, and can be programmed to send alerts or trigger alarms in the event of any suspicious or unauthorized behavior.

The system may employ various techniques to detect human presence, including thermal imaging, motion detection, and facial recognition. Some systems may also incorporate advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to improve accuracy and reduce false positives.

Human detection alert systems are commonly used in various settings, including home security, commercial buildings, public spaces, and military installations. They provide an added layer of security and can help to deter criminal activity, monitor access points, and provide real-time alerts to security personnel in case of any unusual activity.

Overall, human detection alert systems are an effective tool for enhancing security and keeping people and property safe from potential threats.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Intelligent fire and smoke video detection operates in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective, e.g. in open spaces. It provides early detection of fire hotspots which leads to a significant reduction in damage. The system also sends an alert to security personnel and first responders so they can act quickly and effectively.

The platform can be integrated with communication technologies such as email, text messages, and voice broadcasts, allowing operators to quickly send notifications in the event of a fire or other emergency. This helps to increase response time and improve safety for personnel on-site. Finally, intelligent video analytics algorithms are used to analyze video footage, helping to detect suspicious activities and alert authorities in real time.

object detection scans for known object programmed into system

Object Detection

A neural network accurately detects specific types of objects, e.g. humans or vehicles. This technology can filter out false alarms in complex scenes with a large amount of non-relevant details. You can apply any conventional video analytics (loitering, line crossing, object appearance and disappearance, etc.) to the detected objects.

Neural networks can meet the needs of a particular facility by learning from video material obtained onsite. The platform can also be used to detect anomalies such as unexpected objects or activities, providing a layer of security that helps prevent crime. AI algorithms can be used to analyze video footage and alert the authorities in real time when an anomaly is detected. This system can also be used for predictive policing by using AI algorithms to anticipate where and when crime may occur.

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Unusual Activity Detection

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) provides edge-based intelligence that uses advanced AI technology. It is designed to enable the detection of atypical activities, such as people and vehicles travelling at faster speeds or are in unusual locations and alert operators.

The UAD platform is integrated with the solar powered cameras, sensors, and communication technologies to create a comprehensive security system. The cameras monitor for suspicious behavior or movements and alert the authorities when necessary. The system also uses AI algorithms to analyze video footage from the cameras and detect anomalies such as unexpected activities. This helps to create an effective layer of security that reduces the risk of criminal activity in certain areas.

security scanning for unusual activity

Object Tracking

Video intelligence object tracking (VIT) technology is a powerful tool for the identification and analysis of moving objects. The platform can be used to track individuals and vehicles using advanced algorithms, analyze their movements, and detect suspicious activities or patterns. This helps to create a secure environment by quickly alerting security personnel if any unusual behavior is detected.

The VIT platform is also integrated with solar powered cameras, sensors, and communication technologies to create a comprehensive security system. This system can be used for proactive policing by using predictive analytics to anticipate where and when crime may occur.


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After being part of a ransomware attack at my former company, I am well aware of the importance of having current and clean backups in case of a disaster like this malware! This team ensures you are covered if you are ever a victim of a cyber attack or system failure!

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Very Impressed with the Mobile Scout. The capability and level of security the scout offers is absolutely incredible! practical application use for law enforcement and in the private sector. Nice work!

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Infinite Protection had their Mobile Scout set up in our church parking lot. The technology and quality of the trailer was incredible.

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