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School security guard


  • Protection Inside and Outside the Airports
  • Continuous video surveillance of the entire airport territory
  • Abandoned items detection
  • Biometrics
  • Reducing the risk of spreading viral diseases
  • Video monitoring of the baggage loading and unloading process, as well as its movement along the baggage carousel
  • Monitoring of cargo containers
  • Video surveillance of the airport runways, aircraft parking and service vehicles
  • Control of vehicle access to restricted areas and paid parking lots
  • Combination of a video subsystem with a perimeter security system, an access control system and a fire safety system
  • Unified user interface for easy monitoring and complex security system management
  • Optimized overview of events with integrated airport floor plans and 3d maps
  • Quick and easy expansion and upgrade of the video surveillance system


  • Operational efficiency and customer service enhancing
  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Acts of fraud
  • Shopper behavior analysis
  • Ecosystem to respond immediately to active alarms
  • Asset protection and shrinkage reduction
  • Staff errors
  • Parking area security

Safe City

  • Monitor key city infrastructure in real time.
  • Ensure accurate, timely situational awareness for security and law enforcement.
  • View video feeds received from cameras, irrespective of distance from the control center, as well as inform relevant agencies and stakeholders in case of emergency.
  • Reconstruct events based on recorded video and audio.
  • Forward video by request or automatically.
  • Integrate physical security equipment with other automated systems.

Financing Available


  • Increased security thanks to round-the-clock monitoring of the behavior and movement of people in all spaces and on adjacent territories, as well as inside school and tour buses.
  • Less misbehavior and fewer violations due to the inevitability of punishment.
  • Reduced tardiness and truancy among students.
  • Monitoring of the passage of unauthorized persons into the grounds and buildings of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of emergencies and prompt response to them.
  • Monitoring of improper behavior of teachers toward students.
  • Implementation of measures to ensure the safety of property.
  • Prevention of the distribution and use of drugs, alcohol, and smoking on the grounds of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of conflict situations involving a group of students aimed at a single person.
  • Impartial analysis of the circumstances of incidents and conflicts using archived video camera footage.
  • Assessment of the quality of the learning process.
  • Reduction of costs for the security of the educational institution.
  • Increased prestige of the learning institution.


  • Security inside and outside the bank — vaults, operator desks, perimeter, parking area
  • Bank armed robbery and assault protection
  • ATM intrusion and vandalism protection
  • Controlling collectors when loading/unloading an ATM
  • Real-time monitoring of the state of security systems in bank branches and ATMs
  • Real-time remote ATM hardware monitoring
  • Quick ATM transaction issues analysis without personal attendance
  • Immediate response to alarms
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Operational efficiency and customer service enhancing
  • Asset protection and loss prevention


  • Full coverage of high traffic areas
  • Quick response to undesirable behavior
  • Quick detection, recognition and tracking of persons of interest throughout the premises
  • Capturing details and accurate detection in difficult lighting conditions
  • Support for 4K and Ultra HD cameras to take a closer look at the players at a table even in dimmed light
  • Detection of cheating on tables and slots, dealer errors, ATM thefts
  • Rapid suppression of fights and other signs of dangerous behavior
  • Compliance with industry regulations and legislative requirements
  • Continuous operation and instant alerting about equipment malfunction
  • Learning visitor demographics and numbers, and analyzing their behavior to optimize marketing activities

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Sporting Venues

  • Rapid response to signs of attack and vandalism
  • Early detection of fire and smoke
  • Providing different levels of access for staff, athletes, artists, visitors, etc.
  • Ensuring measures to prevent the spread of airborne infections
  • Detecting crowded places and improving the processes
  • Providing parking safety
  • High-quality video surveillance anywhere in the arena
  • Ensuring the fault-tolerant operation of all components of the security system
  • Simple and intuitive management of the entire system from a single monitoring center
Close up of conveyor belt in bottling plant


  • Providing security for warehouses and logistics facilities of any scale.
  • Remote monitoring of the incoming and outgoing of goods.
  • Reduction of time wasted on investigating and handling claims.
  • Seamless integration with third-party security systems and applications.
  • Saving money on security guards.
  • Receiving real-time alerts for suspicious activity using our advanced analytics.
  • Protection of vulnerable or restricted areas.
  • Securing goods from theft and damage.
  • Documenting of picking and loading errors.
  • Automatically measuring tank car level using thermal cameras.
  • Monitoring the number of staff entering and exiting buildings.
  • Gaining insight into cargo truck traffic flows and patterns.
  • Reducing false alarms being sent to your control room.
  • Fire and smoke detection.
  • People and vehicle tracking and counting.
  • License plate registration for automatic entrance and exit.
  • Preventing automatic access for unauthorized vehicles.
  • Combining manned guards with video surveillance for better cost-efficiency.
  • Alerting security guards and law enforcement authorities to threats in real time.
Close up of conveyor belt in bottling plant
Coal mine


  • Access control with credential verification
  • Video surveillance in harsh environments
  • Thermal camera integration for surveillance in difficult conditions
  • Voice communication supplemented with video image
  • Personal protective equipment use control
  • Human detection in hazardous areas
  • Time and attendance tracking and reports
  • Vehicle and rolling stock monitoring
  • Remote health monitoring of hardware and system components
  • Unauthorized intrusion, theft, and vandalism prevention
  • Monitoring of waste material handling

Oil & Gas

  • 365 days, 24/7 surveillance, even in harsh maritime and terrestrial environments: sea, fog, extreme temperature, dust, solar glare, and others      
  • User-friendly solution that can manage a variety of devices at different locations, including the farthest reaches of a territory
  • Remote health monitoring of hardware and system components
  • Integration of video surveillance with physical security and equipment monitoring systems
  • Remote video monitoring via a web browser or mobile device
  • Effective monitoring of hundreds of cameras by few operators
  • Command center personnel alerted to events that reach certain user-defined parameters
  • Personal protective equipment detection
  • Human detection in restricted or hazardous areas
  • Protection from access by trespassers and unauthorized individuals
  • Combined operation with AI tools to reduce false alarms in complex scenes
  • Thermal camera application to detect intrusions in difficult surveillance conditions and equipment overheating