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Infinite Protection Ltd. Scout Dealer Program

Commander Scout mobile surveillance trailer with solar and wind power

Program Overview:
The Infinite Protection Ltd. Scout Dealer Program offers security integrators the opportunity to become authorized recipients of our crime prevention scout units. As authorized recipients, security integrators gain access to a range of benefits, including product discounts, sales support, technical resources, training, marketing materials, and the ability to earn a margin on each unit sold, leased, or rented.

Program Benefits:
Product Authorization: Authorized recipients will have the rights to purchase, lease, or rent Infinite Protection Ltd. scout units, offering their customers cutting-edge crime prevention technology.

Product Discounts: Authorized recipients will receive exclusive discounts on scout unit purchases, enabling them to maximize profitability and competitiveness.

Sales Support:
Access to dedicated sales representatives who can provide product information, pricing details, and assist with sales inquiries, helping authorized recipients in their sales efforts.

Technical Resources:
Authorized recipients will have access to comprehensive technical documentation, installation guides, and support resources to facilitate seamless integration of the scout units into their security systems.

Training and Certification:
Training programs will be provided to authorized recipients, ensuring they have a deep understanding of the scout units, their features, and functionality. Certification upon completion of training will enhance their credibility and expertise.

Marketing Collateral:
Authorized recipients will receive marketing materials, including brochures, product datasheets, and digital assets, to effectively promote and market the scout units.

Margin Opportunities:
Authorized recipients will have the opportunity to earn a margin on each scout unit sold, leased, or rented. The margin will be based on agreed-upon terms and the recipient’s sales volume and performance.

Ongoing Support:
Continuous support will be provided to authorized recipients, including technical assistance, updates on product enhancements, and access to customer service channels.

Program Requirements:
Security Integration Expertise: Prospective authorized recipients should have experience and expertise in the security integration industry, with a proven track record in designing and deploying security solutions.

Business Registration:
Authorized recipients must be registered and legally authorized to operate in their respective regions.

Training and Commitment:
Authorized recipients must complete the required training programs and commit to upholding the quality and reputation of Infinite Protection Ltd.’s scout units.

Sales Targets:
Authorized recipients may be required to meet reasonable sales targets to maintain their authorized status within the program.

How to Apply:
Interested security integrators can apply to become authorized recipients by submitting an application through Infinite Protection Ltd.’s website or by contacting the designated representative responsible for the dealer program.

By establishing the Infinite Protection Ltd. Scout Dealer Program, we aim to collaborate with security integrators, enabling them to offer their customers our state-of-the-art crime prevention scout units through sales, leases, or rentals. This mutually beneficial program will help expand our market reach, provide competitive pricing for authorized recipients, and allow them to earn a margin on each unit sold, leased, or rented.

Please note that the margin details, including the percentage or amount, will be determined based on our pricing strategy and agreed-upon terms.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know!

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