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EAST CHICAGO, Ind. – As part of the city’s Crime Suppression Initiative, the East Chicago Police Department has selected the Ohio-based safety and technology company Infinite Protection Ltd. to roll out a mobile crime prevention platform to help protect citizens and their property. The goal is for East Chicago Police to be able to better serve the community by preventing crime before it happens and responding more quickly and effectively to emergencies when they do occur.

The Avigilon™ solar-powered high-definition cameras, sensors and next-generation video analytics give the mobile crime prevention platform the ability to Detect, Verify and Act on critical events. The platform also provides officers with the intelligence they need to identify and apprehend suspects, helping to make East Chicago a safer place. With the new platform, police can monitor activities in real-time as well as send real-time notifications to officers on the street, allowing them to respond quickly to potential threats.

The East Chicago Police Department expects the mobile crime prevention platform will help reduce crime and create a safer environment for everyone in the community. Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety by staying aware of their surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity they see to police.

“The portability of the Scouts is something we are really looking forward to using,” said Officer Sayra Jimenez, who has been with the department for 5 years and was assigned to handle the research and purchasing as part of the city’s Crime Suppression initiative.

According to Officer Jimenez, the department previously placed similar units in a high crime area of the city that was experiencing a high level of gunshot reports. With the gunshot detection units in place, the department saw an immediate decrease in gunshot complaints…which continued until the removal of the units.

“We have had a lot of citizens asking why we had to remove them, because they made their community feel safe,” added Officer Jimenez. “I like to call them our ‘Scarecrows’, since they kind of serve the same deterrent purposes.”

Features: The Commander Scout, built by Infinite Protection, is a solar-powered surveillance trailer with cutting-edge safety features, including emergency incident alerts, mass notifications, Avigilon artificial intelligence and next-generation video analytics.

Advantages: The Commander Scout’s advanced surveillance technology featuring the Avigilon video management system to help detect and prevent crime before it happens. It also provides an efficient way to monitor large areas in real-time without needing a dedicated team of officers on site.

Benefits: Equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance features, you can keep your community safe and secure while providing peace of mind for you and your family. Plus, its solar-powered capabilities mean you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with running a traditional security system.

In addition to crime prevention, The Commander Scout notifies the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. This helps to ensure that any emergencies are dealt with quickly and efficiently, potentially saving lives.

The city recently received 2 Commander Scouts and 8 Nano Scouts, that were delivered and programmed by the Infinite Protection, Ltd. team.

“We are confident that when the mobile trailer (Commander Scout) units are in place, we will have the same instant decrease in crime reports as we did the first time,” Office Jimenez stated. “The nanos are more covert than the mobile units, but will still be another ‘eye on the streets’ tool we can use to help prevent and solve crimes.”

She says that the department will dedicate at least one Nano Scout per district, and then be able to move the Commander Scouts around the city as needed.

“We have taken the feedback and reporting of our citizens into consideration as to where each of these units will be placed initially. The great part of these units are that they will be integrated into the current city camera system…so there is not much out there that we can’t see,” concluded Officer Jimenez.

The Scouts from Infinite Protection Ltd. are part of several new technologies the department will unveil in 2023 as part of the campaign to reduce crime in the city. So far they have had success with their public safety app, where citizens can make reports instantly and anonymously and receive real-time alerts of crime in their area. The police department is looking forward to seeing the positive impact the new technology investments will bring.

In conclusion, the East Chicago Police Department looks forward to all the benefits The Commander Scout featuring Avigilon’s latest and most advanced video management solution brings to the community. Through its advanced surveillance technology, emergency notifications and solar-powered capabilities, East Chicago, Ind. will be better equipped to protect its citizens and keep its streets safe.

East Chicago, Ind. is a lakefront community located along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan within 20 minutes of downtown Chicago. With over $70 million of investment in commercial and housing development throughout the city and lakefront, East Chicago provides greater opportunities for residents, visitors, and private developers.

The mission of the East Chicago Police Department is to protect the lives and the property of the people we serve and to consistently carry out our duties in a professional and ethical manner. We will treat those we encounter in the manner in which we would expect a member of our family to be treated. To learn more, visit

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Infinite Protection Ltd. is a physical security integration company that has developed the Scout Technology line of equipment to give agencies, businesses and organizations a force multiplier they can count on. The Scout Crime Prevention Platform uses solar, or wind powered cameras, sensors and communication technologies to create a comprehensive crime prevention system. To learn more about the Commander Scout and other crime prevention technologies, visit