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scout ai technology

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 / — Infinite Protections Mobile Solar & Wind Powered Crime Prevention Platform “Scout Platform” is different than traditional surveillance trailers because it utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, thermal imaging, and facial recognition to help secure businesses. The Scout Platform can be easily deployed in any location to quickly detect potential threats and alert security personnel or police. It is also equipped with audio talk down capabilities, enabling personnel to remotely contact potential suspects before the situation escalates. Powered by either solar or wind energy, makes it perfect for rapid deployment in any environment. Additionally, it can be integrated with existing surveillance systems to increase their effectiveness and allow police to monitor potential suspects from a distance.

Using facial recognition in the business help with identifying employees and alerting personnel of any suspicious activity. The Infinite Protection Scout Platform includes a facial recognition component which can identify known people in the business environment and alert the security team of any suspicious activity. This gives business owners an extra layer of security, as it can quickly determine who is entering their premises and if they are an authorized person or not. The facial recognition technology can also be used to help prevent identity theft and fraud by verifying employee identity in real-time. In addition, the technology can be used to monitor employee attendance, helping businesses track their staff’s presence and performance.

Our Scout is the world’s first “universal crime prevention technology” that utilizes solar or wind-powered components and a customized detection algorithm to “see” and detect crime before it happens.Isaac Dunifon, President

Infinite Protections Scout Platform includes an AI powered smoke and fire engine which is designed to detect even the smallest levels of smoke or fire. As soon as a potential fire is detected, an alert is sent to security personnel or police allowing them to respond quickly and effectively. The AI engine can also be integrated with existing surveillance systems, allowing it to detect smoke or fire even when the person is outside of view range. Additionally, this feature can also be used in hazardous working environments to help ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Real-time live viewing of the platform allows security personnel or to monitor the premises from a remote location. This feature allows security personnel or police to keep track of what is happening on the premises in real time and respond if necessary. The live viewing feature can also be used in conjunction with existing fixed surveillance systems, allowing personnel to monitor potential suspects even when they are out of sight. This helps ensure that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed and that threats are quickly identified.

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