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School security guard

Before their acts of violence, most individuals who carry out a K-12 mass shootings show outward signs of crisis. Through social media and other means, they often publicly broadcast a high degree of personal instability and an inability to cope in their current mental state. Almost all are actively suicidal. Research suggests that communities can help prevent school mass shootings by working together to address student crises and trauma, recognizing and reporting threats of violence, and following up consistently.

Using technology to automate lockdown functions is beneficial because it allows for quick and easy lockdown of the school premises in a time-sensitive emergency. Automated lockdown technology can also be used to monitor school grounds, identify threats, and alert authorities if needed. Such technology can help schools respond quickly in an emergency and provide additional safety measures that are not possible with manual locks or physical security guards. Additionally, automated lockdown systems provide data on how many people have left or entered the building, allowing administrators to keep track of attendance and student safety.

Tips on how to prevent school shootings.

  • Implement security measures, such as metal detectors and locked doors, at all school entrances.
  • Have a clear policy on the possession of weapons at school and strictly enforce it.
  • Train staff and students in how to identify signs of potential violence or mental health issues in others, and what to do if someone is acting suspiciously.
  • Educate students and staff on ways to safely diffuse tense situations.
  • Implement programs, such as peer mediation, to promote healthy relationships among students.
  • Create an anonymous reporting system for students to report suspicious or concerning behavior.
  • Utilize technology, such as surveillance cameras and facial recognition software, for additional security measures.