The use of innovation in law enforcement and violence prevention is fast evolving – from drones and actionable insights to biometrics – all of which contribute to the safety of our cities and countryside.

Law enforcement has always been an early adoption of technology. For instance, in the late 1990s, digital cameras were deployed on roadways to identify traffic offenses, particularly speeding. Police body cams have lately been implemented in a number of nations.

Cambridge University researchers discovered that officers using body cams got 93% fewer public complaints. This has been attributed to the camera, which has increased transparency on both ends. It is an illustration of how technology may improve modern police.

Simultaneously, crime is also evolving in the digital era. Law enforcement agencies must cope with new and developing cyber crimes while dealing with traditional crimes, including murder, disruptions, stealing, and domestic abuse. In this article, we are going to discuss:

The New Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot Detection Technology (GDT) employs acoustic sensor technology to recognize, distinguish, and notify gunshots to authorities/mobile phones within seconds of firing a shot. A gunshot detection system consists of sensors that identify the noise of a gunshot, transmitters that deliver messages to the phone and a computer that receives and displays the message. However, shots fired indoors or behind a structure or other impediment are not detectable by gunshot detection devices. Therefore, the devices may be housed in boxes hung on poles, camouflaged as birdhouses or attic vents or otherwise hidden.

The Mobile Scout has at least three possible applications: it may be used for fast reaction, issue resolution and crime prevention. This wireless cellular platform can send a phone call or SMS to staff and first responders to alert a shot was fired or a similar life-safety incident, such as an explosion, has just happened.

The Mobile Scout may shorten first responders, staff members and security response times at locations such as schools, companies, airlines, hotels and government facilities. This type of crime prevention platform is increasingly popular to deal with threats and emergency preparedness.

When a gunshot or explosion happens, The Mobile Scout utilizes auditory sensors to detect it. Multiple acoustic receptors sense the noise of a gunshot or explosion and notify local law enforcement and authorities dispatchers, thereby automating the commencement of a 911 phone call. Campus security officers and other essential individuals may also be notified of the event through phone calls or text messages.

gunshot detection

How Does The Mobile Scout Work

The Mobile Scout is the most recent addition to the Crime Prevention Platform and represents the future of vigilant security technology. The Infinite Protection Ltd team created this comprehensive detection and alarm system to give peace of mind at any business or government event or gathering. They have combined all of the latest detection and monitoring technologies into one incredible transportable device. In addition, The Mobile Scout streamlines the emergency response process, reducing response time and eliminating human error.

The crime prevention platform includes many elements that assist in detecting and alerting potential threats and illegal conduct. It is the ideal watchdog for public and private gatherings, giant retail or corporate space surveillance, school safety and many more applications. The Mobile Scout can be deployed in less than 15 minutes. Coverage can easily be expanded with additional units or with the wireless man-portable nano units.

Grants from the federal and state governments have made purchasing more efficient. If you want to experience it first, request a free demonstration, and it will be delivered to any location. The Mobile Scout is also available for hire, with a daily cost based on how many features you wish to utilize.

The Features of The Mobile Scout

Available Technology

Benefits of The Mobile Scout

Quick Response
Some victims may be hesitant to phone the authorities or are in a state of panic and can not provide the appropriate emergency details. Providing exact information to first responders is critical to achieving the best outcome.

GDT by The Mobile Scout was meant to automatically identify, authenticate and inform cops within seconds of detecting a gunshot. The data supplied includes precise timings and locations of gunshots. Within seconds, The Mobile Scout platform automatically pushes notifications through two-way radio text, email or video management systems. Several acoustic sensors gather data and triangulate it to determine the source of the sound, as well as the date and time. The audio is then transmitted to police enforcement or your phone, where it is confirmed as a gunshot or dismissed as a false alarm.

Problem Solving
GDT, when combined with video surveillance, enables investigators to analyze video feeds of block and street characteristics, make observations and conduct interviews. Gunshot detection reports, demographics and physical elements of a community can all assist in identifying hot zones. This data may then be utilized to assess the efficacy of a response to a crime scene and determine how these issues can be identified and rectified.

Users of The Mobile Scout may promptly validate the warning and decrease personnel response time. Most weapons, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and automatic rifles, may be detected by this technology. You can now add a low-cost, man-portable Nano Scout that connects to the platform through 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz to broaden your gunshot detection zones. The Nano Scout significantly extends the reach and capabilities of The Mobile Scout, giving the user a greater footprint of detection.

With The Mobile Scout, you can simply identify malicious, anomalous or deviant activity. Catch specific human postures to detect potentially unsafe circumstances at public events or venues like schools, airports, banks, commercial areas or office buildings.

Prevent Crime
The Mobile Scout offers data that first responders or investigators may utilize to discover trends, find clusters of gun violence and create maps to assist authorities in making strategic choices about where to deploy officers and other critical assets. This study can also motivate social workers to engage community people who wish to help with a street outreach to prevent confrontations from escalating.

Though citizens must continue to report gunfire events, The Mobile Scout is an effective tool for addressing firearm violence by creating a full report, resulting in faster action and lower crime rates.

Schools are adopting this technology to increase campus safety and eliminate hazards for their pupils by being proactive. For example, if a gunshot is identified, the system will notify authorities and automatically dial 9-1-1 to warn them of a concern. Thanks to this automatic notification system, students and staff can continue to protect themselves and close down the school until police arrive.

Unlike many similar systems, The Mobile Scout can be fully integrated with most existing compatible life-saving technologies, helping eliminate human error. As an example, in the event of an incident, entry doors can be set to auto-lock or sound an alarm that notifies staff if the door fails to lock. A mass notification would be auto-generated and immediately delivered to all devices stored in the unit’s database. The technology and endless integration options saves time and money, while providing an affordable force multiplier.

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