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Delivering Crime Prevention To Your Community

Don’t wait for crime to occur in your community or school campus… prevent it! The Mobile Scout from Infinite Protection LTD hasn’t been around long, but is already turning heads in the law enforcement and education communities.

With gun violence on the rise, it is the perfect time to have a Scout on your side. Not only can it detect gun shots, but comes equipped with facial and license plate recognition software…not to mention, once fully deployed, The Mobile Scout is quite a deterrent for anyone planning to commit a crime in the vicinity.

The development team at Infinite Protection LTD is ready to delivery a Scout to you, pre-programmed and ready to be deployed to test out. With grant money available, you could possibly own a Scout for little to no cost. Read about how crime prevention technologies, like The Mobile Scout, are quickly emerging to help protect citizens and students.

Don’t wait until it is too late, schedule an onsite demonstration today!