Introducing Solar & Wind Powered Surveillance Trailers

Say hello to the new Crime Prevention Platform that is the latest Force Multiplier to help provide safety and technology for most public and private events!

Commander Scout

Mobile Scout

Mini Scout

Nano Scout

Property Scout

Covert Scout

The Crime Prevention Platform

In the past, mobile surveillance trailers could capture the crime so an investigation could ensue. How about preventing the crime before it ever takes place? Our Scouting Units inventory utilizes the custom iCYPHER Software to help prevent crime without the loss of property, profit or even life.

Introducing Us

Infinite Protection LTD

Protecting People, Property & Profits is the focus of Infinite Protection Ltd. With decades of experience, our team of former law enforcement professionals and modern technology specialists are dedicated to helping protect businesses, communities and organizations.

solar and wind powered surveillance trailers

Protecting Communities … Preventing Crime

Every day, your business faces security threats that cost you money and possibly your reputation. Keeping your company safe from external & internal threats can feel overwhelming and you may not know if your current solutions are enough.

As security experts, we understand that even one breach can cripple your business. At Infinite Protection, our team of former law enforcement professionals are dedicated to keeping your business safe and operational. With over 20 years of experience, you can be confident your business is protected from digital and physical security threats. 


Infinite Protect Ltd offers a variety of Mobile Solar Crime Prevention Platforms to rent or purchase to protect your most valuable assets, including people, property and profits.

Solar and wind powered surveillance trailer.

Keep Your Operations Running Efficiently

Know everything that is going on within your business at all times. Identify wasted time and unsafe practices in your on-site and off-site operations and take action as needed. Prevent unauthorized access to your facility & company data, so you can be confident that your business is secure.

Monitor your business and keep your company running smoothly. Contact us today to get started.

Protect Everything You've Invested In Your Company

As a business owner, you’ve put a lot of money and effort into running your company. Without monitoring tools in place, your employees could be wasting time, stealing intellectual property, or performing tasks unsafely—and you wouldn’t even know it.Don’t let employees waste your company’s time and resources. Start monitoring your business today.


What They’re Saying

After being part of a ransomware attack at my former company, I am well aware of the importance of having current and clean backups in case of a disaster like this malware! This team ensures you are covered if you are ever a victim of a cyber attack or system failure!

Clinton R.

Very Impressed with the Mobile Scout. The capability and level of security the scout offers is absolutely incredible! practical application use for law enforcement and in the private sector. Nice work!

Mike H

Infinite Protection had their Mobile Scout set up in our church parking lot. The technology and quality of the trailer was incredible.

Jim B.

I was looking to scale up my business and have the ability for more free time . To focus on what I need to and our partnership allowed me to do that.


Great customer service and support!!! I have been using their CRM for awhile now and love all the different features! Not to mention how easy everything is to use! If you are looking for a way to manage and grow your business you need their CRM!!!

Kristina W.

I recently participated in a lunch and learn and was very impressed with the presentation. The products that this company offers comes with a ton of value. I highly recommend them for all of your business solution needs.

alexander M.